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We tell stories about people, as humanizing business is our passion.

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Like the scoop from your next-door neighbor, our scoop is localized to your market and its surrounding neighborhoods.

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So that you can connect names to faces, our content is picture heavy.

Funny Business

Have we told you we like humor?

What can a trade publication do to make the industry more fun, not to mention stand out from competitors? Two words: jet packs.

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The Team

Mark Bisnow

First Banana

Mark came to DC from LA decades ago in a successful quest to lose his hipness. He worked on the Hill for D’s and R’s and in at least three presidential campaigns he can remember. He was a lawyer at Latham & Watkins and general counsel at two public companies, but he still doesn’t know how to write a will. He was chief of staff at MicroStrategy and head of marketing for webMethods, made him fabulously rich, on paper, briefly. As hobbies, he did countless “Bisnow on Business” segments for WTOP and hosted a FOX morning drive radio show so bad he was replaced by the Greaseman. In 2004, he started the Bisnow emails, his attempt to look young without having to buy a sports car, though he ended up buying one anyway. Pretending to be a rich person without enough to do, he’s chaired big fundraising dinners, served on many civic boards, and written two political books that were “critically acclaimed” (which means they didn’t sell). He was a consulting producer for the very strange “McLaughlin Group” and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, where his role was to reduce the average age by 60 years. He’s a product of Stanford, Princeton, and Harvard Law, all schools that have since become accredited. He has a wife, two children, and a dog -- who love him but think he’s nuts.

Gena Gordon


Throughout its storied history Long Island (the "strongest" island based on self-reporting statistics) has produced some truly legendary things: Walt Whitman, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Blue Oyster Cult. We were able to find someone who combines Whitman's intelligence, Jackie's grace, and BOC's raw power, our controller Gena Gordon. Gena grew up in Great Neck on the Island (like most Long Island girls, wanting to be exactly like Debbie Gibson). She graduated with Finance and Accounting majors from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. But what Great Neck girl isn't seduced by the siren song of the Broadway lights? Gena moved to NYC where she worked for E&Y and Morgan Stanley where she managed a book of (if there are kids nearby, cover their ears) hedge funds. (Back then hedge fund wasn't a four-letter word.) And that's when the real fairy tale begins: While thinking of banishing herself to Europe, she met the man of her dreams, and moved down to the sleepy little village of her dreams, Washington, DC, holding positions at both the Hovde Companies and The Carlyle Group. Then she joined the company of her dreams, Bisnow. (She has weird dreams.) We just hope we can make this Strong Island girl feel at home, so we often blast Piano Man in her ear.

Lucas Netchert

Business Manager, Southern California

From the streets of the city to the coasts of the shore, Lucas grew up in New Jersey. He spends his weeks in the concrete jungle, but is never opposed to answering the call of the wild. When not in the office you’ll find him on any vessel that can keep him afloat, in search of the tannest ankles in the business. After working as a sailing instructor, bartender, and yacht deckhand, he landed a job selling municipal bonds on Wall Street. Leaving behind his constricting suits and this job in financial services (the first job he had to wear shoes to), he comes to us as an event producer. He has a bachelor’s degree from College of the Holy Cross in Philosophy and Environmental Studies (…he still hopes to save the world). He is not a hippie, but don’t let him catch you running the water while you brush your teeth or he’ll start explaining Descartes’s cogito ergo sum.

Miles Bloom

Director, NY Tri-State & Creative Director, Bisnow Creative

Meet Miles Bloom (No relation to Orlando, or Leopold for you literati). Miles comes to Bisnow by way of Senator Amy Klobuchar’s office, by way of internships for Hillary Clinton and House Committee on Energy and Commerce, by way of Cornell University, by way of one of America’s many ‘Queen Cities,’ Buffalo, NY. We brought Miles on to coordinate events production because of the stellar work he did as social chair at his fraternity (that’s right, we have operatives everywhere). This lifelong baseball player and former golf instructor is an avid fan of Buffalo sports (which, at this point, can only be described as punishment on a cosmic scale). Miles Bloom: the man, the myth, the business manager.

Allison Nagel

West Coast Editor

After growing up in one of Atlanta's many suburbs, Allison attended UGA's J-school. While there, she thought she might as well earn a degree in business, too. Her reporting career ranged from endless city council meetings to school board meetings to shareholder meetings -- with a lot of fun stuff in between. Journalism has taken her to report in Germany, to watch robots dance at CES, and to joining Bisnow. A love affair with California that started with a childhood summer vacation was cemented when she met her future husband during a later visit to San Francisco (OK, they "met" online, but then met for the first time while she was at a conference in S.F.). After living in Southern California for a few years, she's now found her way to the Bay Area, and seems to be happy with less sunshine. She lives with the aforementioned husband, a very active kid, a dog and two cats in a house filled with books.

Liz Keevil

Director, Audience Development & Marketing

Sometimes in this mixed up world of commercial real estate, determination and gallons of coffee aren’t enough. Sometimes you need a hero. From out of the cold and fog of Tully, NY, that hero emerged (possibly riding a horse, we can’t remember). Liz Keevil came to us with the ferocity and candor that can only come from a sports-loving, trumpet-playing middle child. This American University alum is such a diehard Syracuse basketball fan that sometimes she comes to work dressed as an orange. Liz “Dr.” Keevil is here to elevate our marketing department to Herculean levels of achievement. (Also she bakes amazing cupcakes, so that’s a plus.) Liz is not only the hero we deserve, she’s the hero we need right now.

Bisnow has spent the last eight years putting humor and fun at the core of its b-to-b media model - and has grown rapidly.

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